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Meet Kevin

Kevin Reiner is a horticulturist & home designer. He is the founder of Kevin Reiner Design & Firmly Planted, ltd. He began his dream of becoming a horticulturist at the early age of ten when his father and he built Kevin's first greenhouse thus creating the foundation for a lifelong passion for living plants. Today this innate sensitivity continues with his trials and evaluations of ornamental plants for their aesthetic floriculture and ornamental qualities. Kevin is a Contributing Editor for the nationally distributed Country Living Magazine. His work continues to inspire gardeners and homeowners across North America.

Kevin is a graduate of Cornell University. He has spent the last 23 years as an active member in the industry here in the United States where his inspirational travels have taken him to places such as Denmark, England, France, Israel, The Netherlands, and South America. Kevin's gardens and homes blend modern and classic with attention to function and aesthetics.

Kevin's gardens and historical homes have appeared in several publications including American Farm Houses, Found Style, Midwest Modern, Country Living USA, House Beautiful Turkey and House Beautiful Thailand. His gardens have been featured on the National Open Days Conservancy Tour. He lives and works in the historic Midwest town of Granville, Ohio.