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At Kevin Reiner Design, we’re dedicated to curating timeless interiors and exteriors driven by passion where we authentically foster symbiotic relationships between people and their environments. Grounded in our philosophy, we aim to elevate every space we create, infusing refined aesthetics, distinctive visual perspectives and your vision. We believe that superior design extends beyond aesthetics – it embraces functionality, comfort, and uncompromising quality. Whether it’s reimagining your home, revamping your office or private aircraft, or crafting an outdoor oasis, our experienced designers work closely with you to bring your vision to life. Welcome to a world where spaces transcend the ordinary, and life itself is elevated to an art form with function.

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Our Skilled Team

Kevin Reiner


Originally hailing from Toledo, Ohio. Kevin Reiner is the CEO and founder of Kevin Reiner Design. From a young age, he had an undeniable passion for design. His childhood greenhouse and immersion in international travel laid the foundation and served as inspiration to his approach. Kevin’s career inception began when he studied Horticulture and Ornamental Floriculture at Cornell University. A visionary interior designer, his work has been featured and recognized in publications such as Martha Stewart, Country Living Magazine, Lookout Belgium, Vogue Living, House Beautiful, among others. Kevin’s philosophy extends beyond aesthetics, he believes each space has its own unique narrative and he invites clients to forge deeper connections with their spaces and one another. His holistic design philosophy converges art, architecture, culture and experiential design, all of which are anchored in form, function and comfort. KRD was founded on the belief that design has the power to enhance your life. In each design, he balances the traditional and modern, the synthetic with the natural, the raw with the refined, and he has a deep appreciation for richly layered designs. Kevin collaborates closely with clients to cultivate and calibrate their unique perspectives from inception to completion. He understands that the spaces should absorb and reflect the client’s needs and through careful consideration to detail and a rational design process, he is known for transforming a client’s vision into a captivating, timeless reality.

Kris Cady


From an early age, Kris has had a passion for the art of gardening. She studied horticulture with a specialization in landscape design at Ohio State University. Her career’s inception began when she studied abroad in England and interned at The National Botanic Garden of Wales. There, she learned a variety of principles and techniques that have influenced the way she approaches her work. Kris has been with KRD for over 15 years. With both a creative spirit and technical expertise, she weaves the lead designer’s vision with her technical understanding to enact and actualize the spaces. Her multifaceted role involves juggling the administrative tasks with the artistry of landscape and garden design. Kris places paramount importance on helping to map out designs that establish a connection between the client and their natural surroundings. Inspired by atmosphere and a sense of place, she is dedicated to helping craft outdoor spaces that seamlessly merge functionality and aesthetics, offering a cohesive composition that benefits not only the clients but the broader surrounding landscape.

Amy Klein


Amy was immersed and inspired by a rich, artistic culture from an early age. She continued her creative journey by pursuing a BFA in Fashion Design at the Columbus College of Art and Design. Her career’s inception began in the realm of fashion, where she gained prominence as a distinguished headwear designer. She was featured in Italian Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, “O” The Oprah Magazine, and V Magazine, among others. Her eye for fashion-forward style combined with her deep knowledge and appreciation for the parallels between the design, fashion, and art worlds sparked a natural transition to the interior design field. Since 2018, Amy has worked as the Lead Designer at KRD where she has brought her creative expertise to various architectural styles across the country. Her distinctive approach involves an intricate weaving and layering of textures, patterns, and natural materials, culminating in contemporary spaces that exude both warmth and enduring elegance. 

Elizabeth Lantz


Elizabeth is the blueprint connoisseur and the primary draftswoman within the KRD team. She is originally from Delaware, Ohio and studied Interior Architecture at Ohio University. After college, Elizabeth embarked on a career in interior architecture, finding inspiration in diverse design styles. At KRD, she is responsible for creating detailed plans and elevation drawings, as well as generating 3D models of spaces to transform them into realistic renderings for a vivid portrayal of the envisioned spaces for you to call home. Elizabeth is the visionary conduit, translating the creative concepts of Kevin and Amy into tangible realities. She gravitates towards diverse design styles, appreciating uniqueness and the ability of design to reflect the individuality of those who will inhabit the space.

Alexa Alcaraz


Alexa originally hails from Hilliard Ohio. She attended Ohio State University where she earned a degree in English. Drawing inspiration from her global travels, particularly her studies in Italy and her time in the Philippines, Alexa brings a creative perspective to her role as project manager at KRD. In the past, she has spearheaded lucrative marketing campaigns and innovative digital strategies. Now, she leverages her wealth of project management experience, fostering strong client and vendor relationships, contributing to the company’s growth trajectory, all while infusing her marketing expertise to add intrinsic value to KRD’s team and clients. Guided by a keen attunement to organizing principles, Alexa seamlessly blends technical proficiency with design and a tailored approach in alignment with the unique needs of each client. Her coordination with contractors, architects, vendors, and professionals, helps to ensure the successful execution of design projects from conception to inception. Her focus extends beyond operational, it’s a distillation of design principles combined with the technical and organizational proficiency to carry the design process from vision to reality.

Jess Neese


Jess was born and raised in the beautiful rolling hills of Newark, Ohio. She received her bachelors at BIOLA University in California where she studied Intercultural Studies. Her journey at KRD began as a project manager and procurement specialist. Now, she is a freelancer at KRD specializing in project installations and client services. 

Jess approaches each project with discernment, blending a respect for quality, an appreciation for exquisite detail, and an innate understanding of design principles. Her aesthetic combines minimalist elements with a nuanced embrace of each client’s unique design imprint. Rooted in a profound connection to the natural environment, strengthened by her extensive travels, Jess seamlessly pairs technical expertise, material knowledge, and a dedication to comfortable elegance for each client. Her aim is to enliven spaces and help to procure moments of unexpected beauty. Jess’s attention to detail is truly a sight to behold. 

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